2014 Goodwill Mission from Shiga to Michigan

From August 22-27, 2014 the State of Michigan will welcome 40 goodwill mission delegation members from Shiga, Japan. These participants will be placed with hosts all over Michigan for a five day “home stay.” If you are interested in hosting a Shiga delegate as part of the 2014 Goodwill Mission, please complete the online Host Family Interest Form. If you have questions about hosing, please send an email to mishiga68@gmail.com.

All Michigan citizens are welcome to host. Young or old, urban or rural, family or individual, you can help to provide our guests from Shiga with a unique American experience! By staying in your home, sharing meals with your family, speaking your language, and participating in your daily activities, your guest will learn far more about your way of life than would ever be possible by reading a book or traveling as a tourist. In return, you will learn something about your visitor’s culture, and perhaps your own as well.

Since the sister state relationship between the State of Michigan and Shiga Prefecture was formed in 1968, our states have worked together to host numerous exchanges including annual goodwill missions, student exchanges, teacher exchanges and more. Over the years, thousands of people of all ages have traveled between Michigan and Shiga. Participants and host alike have formed lifelong friendships between the U.S. and Japan and forged a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

2014 Hosting Schedule

Friday, August 22: You will meet your Japanese guest at a mid-morning Welcome Ceremony in Lansing. During the ceremony, guests are officially welcomed by the Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board. Following the ceremony, your guest will return home with you.

Friday, Aug 22 - Wednesday, Aug 27: During this time, the guests from Shiga will do a homestay with you. As a host, you are responsible for providing lodging and food for your guest, and introducing them to your home city and the State of Michigan. In the past, delegates from Shiga have enjoyed participating in all kinds of activities. Here are some ideas:
  • Food: Food is a great way to bring people together! Introduce your Japanese guest to American food culture by cooking and eating popular American meals like pizza, pasta, macaroni and cheese, BBQ, fried chicken, salads, casseroles, pancakes or any other family favorite. You can also learn about your guest’s culture by cooking a traditional Japanese meal together.
  • Local Tourism: Be a tourist in your own town! Things that you see and do every day are new and exciting for your visitor from Japan. Visit local sites like the town hall, museums, parks, farmers markets, police and fire stations and schools. Share activities that you enjoy attending like sporting events, movies, family gatherings, church and other community events.
  • State Tourism: While it is not necessary to take your guest to other cities in Michigan, some hosts enjoy visiting popular Michigan sites like Lake Michigan, local universities, state/county fairs, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Meijer Garden, Tigers Stadium, etc.

Wednesday, August 27: After a fun-filled week with your guest, it will be time to bring them back to East Lansing for an eveningFarewell Banquet at the Kellogg Center. You and your guest will enjoy dinner and entertainment provided by the Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board before saying your final goodbyes.